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About Standard i's

The Background

The budding legal market is full of entrepreneurial spirit, and the experience to back it up. However, many business owners rarely took the time to create a complete set of standard operating procedures. Now though, the Office of Cannabis Management is requiring these same people to codify every aspect of their operations. The owners know their work, but getting it down into policy, process, and procedure... Ooof, where to even start?!

Standard i's came about out of necessity. There was never a plan to focus on standard operating procedures in the Cannabis industry. But, after watching licensees struggle with creating SOPs, I decided that the core skill I could bring to the industry was the codification of these business-owners' livelihoods.


While the decision to start this happened rather quickly, it came with a clear understanding of what it would take.  It takes my promise of dedication, as well as utilization of the skills garnered during my time in project management, training, and consulting in the legacy Cannabis market. I know, and have proven, that the combination of my thought process and your vision can create organization through documentation. 

Our Services

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